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CHiROWORKS - spine& joint stabilization

With 35 years of combined chiropractic experience, our team of skilled Chiropractors provide personalized consultations, comprehensive examinations, & chiropractic expertise to help get rid of back pain so you can move on with your life pain free! 


At SPiNEWORKS, we know posture! Certified by American Posture Institute (API), our posture experts guide you and your family towards better posture every step of the way!

SCOLiOWORKS - scoliosis stabilization

Scoliosis (side-bending of the spine) is one of the most common conditions we see. Our SCOLiOWORKS program is specifically designed to halt progression of scoliosis so you can restore your spinal health and posture balance. Remember, a bent spine isn't a broken spine!  


Life is BUSY! We get it...that's why SPiNEWORKS is open 7-days a week so we can do our best to accommodate your busy life schedule! 

Back Pain can certainly hold you back in life...but it doesn't have to anymore!

With more than 35 years of combined chiropractic experience, the SPiNEWORKS team is ready to help you get well and recover quickly. 

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Our chiropactic specialists have over 35 years of combined chiropractic and postural restoration experience


Communication is the most important step to understanding your problems. That's why we offer our teleconsult & chiropractic care programs in 5 fluent languages 


Investing just 10 mins of your day for our FREE teleconsult can be your first step in the right direction to better spinal health & living 


bad posture isn't always your fault, not doing something about it is.

Dr Barry Kluner | Founder, CEO, Chiropractor - SPiNEWORKS 

Certified Posture Expert (CPX), Certified Postural Neurologist (CPN), Certfied Ergonomist (CErg) - American Posture Institute (USA)


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